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According to a report by Zyro, it has been found that 75% of consumers judge a company's credibility based on how its website looks. Now let that sink in. It is not a surprise that web design is a crucial part of any website and helps in creating the first impression of your brand in front of potential customers.

We, at EitBiz, not only help you create an amazing first impression but also turn your dream website into reality without any flaws. With an immaculate experience of over 15 years, we have risen above many challenges and have undertaken countless projects to turn the imaginations of our clients into reality.

Designing Dreams & Websites Through Our Web Designing Services

Web designing is an art that we have mastered over the years after various projects from numerous industries. Our team of highly skilled professionals uses the most exclusive and latest web design tools to provide you with the best product. We believe in maintaining the quality of the work we do while catering to the website design needs of our clients. Our web designing services have been developed and updated throughout the years along with our web development services, as we believe in keeping up with the trends and standards of web designing, which are drastically changing and transforming in the interest of the users.

Graphic design

Graphic design

Graphics are an extremely important part of website design because visuals play a crucial role in your website's appearance. Great visuals not only enhance your website's overall appearance but also help in growing your business by improving your conversion rates. Our team of experts works closely to follow the best practices concerning graphic design.

eCommerce Web Design

eCommerce Web Design

The ecommerce sector has skyrocketed in the past few years, which makes ecommerce websites highly beneficial for your business. Our web designers deliver exceptional ecommerce web designs to help your business become the next big ecommerce giant.

Sitemap and Wireframe Creation

Sitemap and Wireframe Creation

A sitemap and wireframe are crucial for a website during the initial stages of its designing phase. The sitemap and wireframe give a clear and concise idea of the content and the pages where it is required to be added. Under our web design services, we create sitemaps and wireframes to give the web developer a clear understanding of the placement of content around the websites.

UI/UX Design in Web Design

UI/UX Design

UI and UX undoubtedly go hand in hand, but still have many distinctions. Both UI and UX are responsible for the user's smooth and hassle-free movement across the web page. Our UI/UX designers meticulously look for errors that may cause problems for the users and rectify them to spare the users from any issues during the time they are on the web page.

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Web Designing For Various Industries

Over the years, we have been fortunate enough to display our skills and expertise from time to time while working for various industries as a web design company. We have provided our web design services to a great number of clients from different industries to help them grow their businesses and improve their conversion rates. We have helped brands build their businesses from scratch, globally.

Web Designing For Various Industries
  • E-commerce
  • Banking & Insurance
  • Tourism
  • Transport & Logistics
  • Social Platforms
  • Education
  • Health & Fitness
  • Other

Our Portfolio:- Transforming Businesses Through Over The Top Web Designing Solutions

We are striving consistently to produce fruitful results through our goal-oriented web design solutions to transform brands and their reputations through their websites. Our web design solutions have proven to be effective, and a long list of successful projects and clients substantiates the claim.

A Baby's Choice in Web Design Portfolio

A Baby's Choice

A Baby's Choice is a godsend for parents looking to rent baby products like cribs, strollers, bicycles, and much more. We designed the website according to the tone of the brand and the expectations of the business owners. Their website is now just as much a delight as their work.

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Scarlet Society in Web Design Portfolio

Scarlet Society

Our team of remarkable web designers designed this really informative website for Scarlet Society. Scarlet Society is on a mission to debunk the myths related to sexual intercourse, address the crucial issues concerning sexual health, and empower old people.

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Anagen Hair Restoration in Web Design Portfolio

Anagen Hair Restoration

Anagen Hair Restoration provides useful hair restoration solutions to elevate the confidence level of people and help them look better. We designed their website and helped their website work flawlessly.

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Commute App in Web Design Portfolio

Commute App

Commute App is a taxi booking platform that operates in 7 different countries and has recorded more than 20,000 trips till now. We designed a website for them to promote their app, which is available on both the App Store and the Play Store.

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Window Doctor in Web Design Portfolio

Window Doctor

Started in 1987, this amazing window, door, and conservatory seller and maintenance company needed a platform to display their wide range of products and repair services and build their brand's online image. We closely worked with their team and designed a smooth and appealing website, and it immensely increased their business.

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Shot Quality in Web Design Portfolio

Shot Quality

Shot Quality has been regarded as an amazing tool that helps coaches efficiently judge their players and their shot quality rate. We built a website for them that showcases their extraordinary work. We meticulously scrutinized the work they did and designed their website using our high-end technology.

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Tap Your Talents in Web Design Portfolio

Tap Your Talents

Tap Your Talents is a phenomenal platform that gives everyone a chance to discover their talents and feel proud of them through competing with others and winning exclusive prizes. We meticulously designed their website and created a platform where people feel safe while showcasing their talents.

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Zensation collection in Web Design Portfolio

Zensation collection

Based in Florida, USA, Zensation Collection offers variations of herbal tea to make you feel fresh and healthy. Our extraordinary web designers worked on their website and gave it a robust interface and an unforgettable UX.

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Vision CCTV in Web Design Portfolio

Vision CCTV

Vision CCTV has been a leading security and surveillance company since 1989. Our extraordinary designers used their skillset and exclusive web designing technology to create Vision CCTV's website and exponentially increase their business.

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Sensei in Web Design Portfolio


Sensei facilitates contactless and effortless communication among parents and schools. It helps the parents order uniforms, books, and food for their children. Their order management software is immaculate and has made the lives of parents much easier.

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EZ Transaction in Web Design Portfolio

EZ Transaction

To make payments, bookings, and appointments easier and more efficient, EZ Transaction stepped in and now offers a safe and secure platform to do transactions for availing services or making purchases easily. We designed this website very creatively using over-the-top website design tools.

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PMU Sign in Web Design Portfolio

PMU Sign

PMU Sign is one of the best website development and website design companies out there. We were assigned the task of creating a robust and scalable website for them. Our team of expert web developers optimized their website through our advanced website development technology.

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Why EitBiz for Web Designing Solutions?

With over 15+ years in the industry, we have made a name for ourselves and have completed a significant number of projects. Our expertise in web designing and web development has transformed businesses and built brands from scratch. We believe in following a goal-oriented strategy to produce fruitful results for our clients and help their businesses grow immensely. After thoroughly getting to know us, if you are still reluctant about choosing us as your web designer, head down below and look for yourself.

Better ROI
Better ROI

With our high-end web design and web development solutions, do not expect anything less than a healthy ROI after handing over your business's reputation to us and letting us help you grow immensely.

A Good First Impression
A Good First Impression

A rule which every web designer goes by is that, if your website fails to make a good first impression, then it is not the website you should have. It is widely known that if your website doesn't have the appeal and the uniqueness to make a good first impression, it will seriously harm your business's credibility. With us, though, you don't have to worry about making a good first impression, because web design is one of our many fortes.


Over the last 15 years, we have had the pleasure of handling countless projects, which have immensely contributed to the expertise we have today. Knowledge has more value than money, and we bring knowledge along with experience to the table. We have built brands from scratch through our web designing solutions and have helped a great number of clients grow greatly.

Customer Satisfaction in Web Design
Customer Satisfaction

A product or a service can only be deemed good or successful if the customer is satisfied. We value the time and money of our clients without a doubt and strive to provide them with only the best product or service without any flaws.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes absolutely! Communicating with clients is one of our favorite tasks. To keep the client in the loop, we regularly communicate with them through Slack, Skype, and Zoom. We also provide a layout to the client before commencing the work on the website and proceed with the client's approval only.

From small start-ups to huge enterprises, there is no specific limit to the work we can provide. We have a wide range of clients coming from various industries and countries. The only relevant thing is their passion and willingness to let us design their brand's online reputation.

Many web design companies find redesigning existing websites a tough task, but that's not the case with us. We don't back down from challenges and re-design websites as well.

The charges of a website design highly depend on the idea and its complexity. If you wish to discuss your future website design and want to know the charges for it, reach out to us and speak with our experts.

Changes during the process of web designing before the launch of the website will not be chargeable and you can feel free to have as many changes made as possible. However, if you wish to make any additional changes after the website has been launched, the changes will be chargeable.

Web development and web design are not the same things. Web development is concerned with more of the backend development, whereas the graphics, appearance, and UI/UX fall under web designing. Web development focuses on the smooth functioning of the website and all the other technicalities. On the other hand, web designing focuses on giving the user a good first impression of the brand and a memorable user experience.

Over the years, we have acquired a great number of clients from around the world from different sectors. Our services are not confined to any single or specific industry or company type.

We believe in delivering quality work to our clients without leaving any potential for errors. Our web designing services are focused on giving your website a sturdy and flawless layout that not only captivates the attention of the users but also gives them an unforgettable experience. We provide design layouts, templates, and ideas to our clients to make their websites convey their brand's message to the masses successfully.

Just like you can't possibly run a car without fuel (unless it's a Tesla), you can't possibly run a website without professional web designing. Web designing services are not just focused on improving your website's appearance or making it more appealing; they also involve a great amount of SEO, done to make your website rank in the search engine.

A great website is one with clear and concise content that conveys the message to the audience easily and effectively.