7 Things You Need to Know Before Building an App

7 Things You Need to Know Before Building an App

Everybody on the internet is bragging about “Building a mobile app” to grow your business! 

It sounds great, though! Putting it into practice isn’t a cakewalk and demands professional expertise and a stack of battled-tested technologies!

It’s 2024! 

Having a business mobile app has become more of a necessity than a luxury. 

But wait! Developing a mobile app isn’t a cakewalk and demands extensive planning, resources, time, and effort.

If you haven’t done it before then you might run into challenges that can make the entire process cumbersome! 

Don’t worry! This post will enlighten you regarding the things to consider before you embark on your app development journey. 

But before that, let’s dive into its meaning and statistics! 

App Development: What is it?

To put it simply, app development is the process of creating software applications for smartphones, tablets, desktops, laptops, and more. While app development sometimes leads to confusion between web-based or mobile apps, the majority of app development projects are focused on mobile app development. 

But not every app may cater to your business even if their goals are similar. Each business has different objectives and so are their needs for app development!

If you’re still in doubt whether to consider it or not then you might be making the biggest mistake of your life! 

Well, these stats will prove, how.

Interesting Facts & Statistics Related to Mobile App Development 

Here is a list of fascinating facts related to mobile app development. 

  • In 2022, the Google Play Store witnessed a whopping 110.1 billion downloads while its counterpart, the Apple Store had 32.6 billion downloads.
  • When it comes to digital media consumption, mobile applications have a majority and account for 70%. 
  • Nearly 50% of users open an app 11 or more times each day.

With such promising prospects, the need for mobile apps is mushrooming and businesses must utilize the opportunity to reap countless benefits. 

What are the Tips to Know Before Developing an App?

Building an app overnight is impossible. From market research to deployment and post-maintenance support, there are multiple things involved in app development. Let’s discuss the top 7 tips before considering mobile app development. 

Tip #1: Do Market Research

Before you embark on your journey to mobile app development, always conduct extensive market research. Remember that building an app is not a joke and if you want to surpass your competition, conducting research is important to gain insights into your users’ needs and competitors. 

Furthermore, it may help you understand different strategies and avoid mistakes that others are performing. Also, you will understand what your users like, what they don’t like, and what they expect from an app. 

Thus, making necessary modifications may give you an edge over your competition. 

Tip #2: Be Aware of Your Users

Well, you cannot just blindly build an app without knowing your target audience. Suppose, you are building an app for kids but if you include features that are mean to adults, it’s of no use. Understanding your users’ needs is important as it depends on the success of your app. 

Remember that your app must solve the customers’ problems and provide value to them. To help aware of your users’ needs, try to get feedback to know their pinpoints and the solutions they’re seeking. Try to set goals and your app will stand out from the rest. 

Tip #3: Choose Between Android or Apple

After knowing your users’ needs, try to know what device your audience uses. What OS do they use? What are their preferences?

If you are considering Android then it could be an ideal option for those who don’t want to buy but possibly, download the app and use it. Considering Android app development is a good choice to target a mass audience. On the other hand, you may consider iOS app development for customers who don’t mind paying a subscription fee to unlock the premium services of the app.

Thus, market research and knowing your users are important to build a “GOAT” app of all time. 

Tip #4: Choose the Right App Development Firm

Now, that you decided on your app platform, it’s time to create stunning designs to make your app appealing and performance-driven. Try to choose from multiple app builders like Apple Store Connect, ColdFusion Builder, Appy Pie, or Interface Builder. 

Choosing an app builder can be an incredibly important aspect as it acts as a platform to help developers get started with mobile app development. Most importantly, it allows professional developers to build apps according to the needs of the customers. 

Tip #5: Cost of Developing an App

Though building an app sounds exciting, it could become daunting if you overlook the cost aspect! There are multiple factors involved in mobile app development. Ensure you stick to your budget and carefully analyze the cost involved to keep your funds in check. 

From market research to final deployment and post-maintenance, cost plays an incredibly important role. Always analyze your budget to ensure your app development process won’t feel a burden on your pocket. 

If you don’t have time to do so or have a limited budget, hire the best mobile app development company in the USA to help you out!

Tip #6: Deployment & Post- Support  

After going through the app design and cost aspect, it’s time to deploy the app and focus on complete app maintenance. Ensure you measure the changing needs of the user to update your app accordingly. 

Remember that your customer needs are changing and if you don’t adhere to them, you might lose in the long run. Thus, you must seek professional assistance from the best Android app development company or iOS app development company to prioritize your needs. Their unmatched skills and expertise may help convert your MVP into the final product. 

Furthermore, they have advanced analytical tools to measure and optimize the outcomes that must cater to your business objectives. 

Tip #7: App Marketing 

Here comes the climax of mobile app development! If you don’t market your app then all your development efforts may go in vain! Remember that you must implement modern digital marketing techniques that entice your audience to use your app. 

The marketing should be so good that your users must have an idea of how something big is waiting for them. Try to perform A/B testing to attract and convert your customers. If you want to implement proven marketing practices, hire the right digital marketing company to do it for you!

Final Thoughts 

So, there you have it! Keeping these tips in mind will help you build a solid mobile app that facilitates security, responsiveness, performance, and scalability. 

Remember that building a mobile app for your business isn’t a cakewalk! If you don’t have time or enough technologies then it will impact your business reputation! 

Thus, hiring a professional mobile app development company like EitBiz may lend you a helping hand in such situations!

EitBiz, a leading mobile app development company in the USA, builds robust, scalable, and tech-driven mobile and web apps for different industry verticals. With 15+ years of experience under the hood, our team of skilled app developers is equipped to handle all aspects of app development, from conceptualization to post-deployment support. Contact us at +1 (812)530-6300 today or drop us an email at info@eitbiz.com. Let’s discuss your app development requirements.

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