Angular v16 Upgrade: How Important is it for Your Business?

Angular v16 upgrade: How Important is it for Your Business?

The much-awaited 16th version of Angular was released on 3rd May 2023. This open-source framework has always been popular among developers due to its powerful capabilities and over-the-top features. The previous version of this app development technology, Angular 15, was also received by the whole app development community with open arms as it offered extraordinary features and enhanced app development.

Angular V16 offers various exclusive features focused on enhancing the web application development process. Many are calling the new version of Angular a stable or firm upgrade. In this blog, we will discuss the features of Angular V16 and its importance to your business.

What is Angular, and What is it Used for?

Angular is a popular open-source JavaScript framework for building web applications. It was developed by Google and released in 2010 as AngularJS but was later rewritten and released as Angular in 2016. Angular is designed to make building complex, dynamic web applications easier by providing a structured framework and a set of tools and features.

Angular is used for many web development tasks, including building single-page applications (SPAs), creating responsive and mobile-friendly interfaces, and managing complex data models.

Why Angular V16 for Web App Development?

Talking about Angular without discussing web application development wouldn’t be fair. Angular is a popular choice for web app development due to its clear structure and organization, which make it easier to write and maintain large-scale applications. The framework provides tools and pre-built UI components that help developers build web apps more quickly and efficiently.

Angular is also a cross-platform framework that can be used to develop web applications for various platforms, including desktop and mobile devices. Its two-way data binding system allows changes to the user interface to be automatically reflected in the underlying data model and vice versa, making web app development faster and more efficient. Additionally, Angular has a large and active community of developers and is backed by Google, which provides ongoing support and updates, ensuring that the framework stays up-to-date with the latest web development trends and best practices.

Angular V16: Features

Angular has built tremendous credibility among its users due to its noticeable improvements in every new version. In late 2022, when Angular 15 was released, it received a warm welcome from the Angular community because of the advancements it offered. Similarly, the V16 of Angular has received good user feedback so far. Here are a few features of the newly released Angular V16 that you may find useful.


With the Angular signals library, you can specify reactive values and establish relationships between them. Signals, essentially functions that return a value through a get() method and can be modified by invoking a set() method with a new value, play a crucial role in this process. Moreover, signals can rely on other signals, which results in creating a reactive value graph. Consequently, the reactive value graph updates automatically whenever any dependencies are modified.

Required Component Inputs

Required component inputs are one of the most requested features in Angular v16. Including the required component inputs feature in Angular applications is set to enhance the overall developer experience and code quality. This feature allows developers to designate specific inputs of a component as mandatory, necessitating that the parent component supplies them; otherwise, an error will be triggered. This approach aids in detecting bugs and typographical errors during compilation and ensures that components receive all the essential data required for optimal functioning. Additionally, the required component inputs feature leads to better self-documentation of components and simplifies their usage.

Self-closing Tags

Angular now has self-closing tags to elevate the developer’s experience and increase the development speed. This feature saves the developers’ time by reducing typing requirements significantly. Angular V16 has your back if you need to develop your web app fast.

Reactivity Model and Zone.js

Angular v16is has an improved reactivity model that offers the option to exclude Zone.js, thereby enhancing runtime performance. Typically, Zone.js is utilized in Angular applications to patch browser APIs, detect changes, and initiate change detection. However, this approach adds complexity and overhead to the framework, despite its ease of use. Angular v16 allows developers to choose whether to include Zone.js or not, thus enabling them to use alternative methods for managing reactivity, such as RxJS or signals.


The features mentioned above of Angular V16 will immensely benefit your business. This popular open-source framework is all about building powerful web applications. If you need to get a web application developed quickly, the advanced capabilities and sophisticated features of Angular V16 are what you need. If you haven’t found a team of Angular developers yet, EitBiz’s developers will help you. EitBiz is a trusted Angular development company in the USA with many successful projects. Reach out to our team of Angular experts and get your project’s development started.

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