Angular vs React vs Vue – Which the Best for 2020?

The JavaScript market has many options available. The exact tools a dev uses greatly affect how their scripting turns out. Now, in this market, there are currently three major options you can take. These are Angular, React, and Vue. Each of these offers different benefits to developers. Choosing the right one for the job matters a lot. So, here is a quick comparison amongst all three.

3 Major Differences Between Angular, React and Vue for JavaScript

1. Purpose

The first and primary difference that you can find between the three JS scripting languages here comes from what they are meant to do. Angular developers specialize in SPAs and the language delivers this better than any other. React is particularly useful for delivering a high-performing script. Finally, Vue is easy to learn, easy to implement, and an all-around lightweight and easily managed language.

2. Complexity

In terms of complexity, Angular is arguably at the top. This is why Angular mobile app development and Angular web development is so well-paid. React also offers complex scripting options but since it has a vast library that is consistently upgraded, new devs can adapt to it easily. Vue is probably the easiest to learn of all three and that is what makes it so popular. You will always find simple apps and websites substantiated with this language.

3. Library

Angular is widely known for handling complex projects easily. So, it has a very good library that new and experienced devs can use on projects. However, many Angular developers argue that the React library is equally good and sometimes even better than the Angular library. On the other hand, Vue has one of the scantest library of all three but this is on account of its fast and lightweight nature.

Which One is Right for You?

Angular is a clear winner when it comes to comprehensive Javascript use. That is why AngularJS development companies have their own place in the web dev market. But React and Vue can also offer some great options when looking for quick JS development. They may not have dedicated Angular developer tools but they hold their own quite well. If you want to get quality JS dev services, choose a reliable company for the job.

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