10 Benefits of Choosing Laravel Over Core PHP, CodeIgniter, & WordPress

10 Benefits of Laravel Over Core PHP, CodeIgniter & WordPress

For a long time, every product owner has struggled with the decision of whether to use Core PHP, WordPress, or Laravel. That’s why we came up with the idea of resolving this confusion so you may pick the best technology for your next project.

PHP is one of the most widely used web development languages, and Laravel stands out among the PHP web frameworks. This is due to the incredible benefits of the Laravel Framework, as it is infused with development tools and powerful capabilities, which allow for the speedy construction of web apps.

Understanding Laravel

Laravel is a PHP web framework created by Taylor Otwell and based on Symfony. It is intended for web application development and follows the model view controller (MVC) design. Laravel is an open-source framework that reuses existing components from many frameworks to help you develop a web application. As a result, the web application is more pragmatic and structured.

If you’re already familiar with Core and Advanced PHP, Laravel makes things much more manageable. It will save you a lot of time, especially if you plan to construct the app from the ground up. Furthermore, a website built with Laravel will be protected from dangerous web attacks.

10 Incredible Benefits of Choosing Laravel Over Core PHP, CodeIgniter, & WordPress

Here’s the list of the benefits of choosing the Laravel framework over other popular frameworks like Core PHP, CodeIgniter, and WordPress.

1. Highly Secured

We’ve all put aside a technology budget since businesses have begun to take technology seriously. However, we are still subject to many threats that can obstruct your work. Cyber-attacks are becoming more common by the day, but you can’t ignore marketing your company online. As a result, one of the most important reasons to use Laravel development services is the security it offers.

It is unquestionably a secure architecture that does not enable malware or any other security threat to access the application. Therefore, you can rest assured that SQL injection will not affect your application if you use this framework.

2. Increased Efficiency

Another compelling advantage of Laravel over core PHP and other frameworks is that it improves app functionality. In other words, it enables you to create high-performing apps even when certain features and functionalities impact app performance.

You can quickly construct web apps by integrating tools like Memcached and Redis into the framework; they also help to improve the app’s performance. It has even been voted the best web application development framework of all time.

3. Authentication with Impact

It’s a developer-friendly web app development technology created to help developers produce web app functionalities much faster and better. Laravel, for example, makes authentication simple. Laravel makes it simple for developers to design logic for granting people access.

4. With a Large Community, Open-Source is a Great Option

Another compelling reason to use Laravel in your approach is an open-source platform with a large and active community. One could argue that there are alternative open-source platforms, so why is Laravel the only one? The truth is that not all open-source platforms receive the support and attention they require from the developer community. Things are different in the case of Laravel since the community is so dedicated to finding new ways to make web apps more expandable and moldable.

5. Migration of a Database

One of the significant benefits of migration in Laravel is database migration. It simplifies migration for developers and allows you to reverse database modifications.
Developers may simply exchange datasets with one another, making collaboration more coherent, smooth, and straightforward. It provides Laravel developers with everything they require to make development considerably easier and to encourage collaboration.

The combination of Migration and Maintenance allows for easy database maintenance without having to recreate them. This saves a lot of time when developing a web app.

6. Unit Testing Becomes Less Complicated

Unit testing is critical in web development since it ensures that your web application is complete and that none of its components has been deconstructed. It also provides that the application is free of bugs and has no room for exceptions. The Laravel development business must secure such elements if it is to go online. Laravel provides a unique and straightforward unit testing feature to ensure that the web app performs well.

7. Artisanal Presence

The Laravel framework is identical to the Artisan tool. One of the biggest strengths of Laravel is that it will assist the developer in receiving a lot of help in reducing and trimming repetitive and dreary chores. Moreover, it will require no manual labor to complete the same task even in the future since Artisan will do it for you.

8. Don’t Overlook Object-Oriented Libraries

Object-oriented libraries come pre-installed with Laravel. These object-oriented libraries include a robust authentication framework that is simple to use and implement for programmers. The framework is also organized into modules, which allow developers to create more responsive, modular, and ready-to-use programs.

9. Future-Ready Apps

The goal of the web game is to keep improving every day. A few years ago, a blank website with no functionality was unthinkable, but that is no longer the case. People want a high-performing, immersive web app experience, which can only be achieved if you take advantage of every trend. It’s a major problem for a developer, but with the Laravel framework, it’s simple. They may now create applications with unrivaled functionality while remaining competitive.

10. Multilingual Applications

Multilingual applications are a must; while there are many other benefits of the Laravel framework, this is one of the most compelling.

It simplifies Laravel development and enables you to spread your business globally. Furthermore, multilingual functionalities make Laravel one of the best choices, if you’re looking for your apps more global-ready.

Final Thoughts

Are you seeking a sure-fire approach to creating secure web applications with great functionality and performance? Laravel is the way to go. It is one of the most popular PHP frameworks for rapid web and app development.

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