A Comprehensive Guide to Building Custom Web App Development 2024

Custom Web App Development

Let’s jog your memory and go a decade back down the lane- How many custom web apps were there in 2014?

Well, exactly, you’ve got the answer in your mind!

Be it a startup or a corporate giant, think of a business that doesn’t have a custom web app today! Sounds absurd, doesn’t it?

Did you know?

There are more than 1.5 billion websites active on the internet and the number is mushrooming with each day! 

Developing a custom web app is very different from developing a website. The former is dynamic and focuses on providing seamless user interaction while the latter provides static information which the user cannot change.  

Businesses are leveraging custom web app development to foster tailored solutions and meet the burgeoning needs of their audience. 

Planning to build a custom web app for your business? Let’s dive in! 

Understanding Custom Web App Development 

In layman’s language, custom web app development refers to creating a customized software app that runs specifically on the web. Thanks to the tech-driven landscape, these apps are designed to cater to the unique requirements and functionalities of a business. Unlike the pre-designed software tool, the apps are built using robust and scalable frameworks like JavaScript, CSS, HTML, and more, right from scratch. 

Since nearly 60% of the global population is online, having a robust web presence is inevitable!

Thanks to flexibility and accessibility, custom apps have paved the way for businesses to understand their customers and deliver solutions that foster continued growth. 

When it comes to making your business stand out, custom apps are the solution!

Moving ahead, let’s understand the different types of custom web apps to consider. 

What are the Different Types of Custom Web Apps Development?

From eCommerce platforms to website management, custom web development boils down to the flexibility that helps you build solutions while considering the business goals. Since these apps are diverse, one must consider the right type that targets their audience, user behaviour, and growth objectives. Let’s take a look at the types of custom web apps. 

Custom web app development types

Static Web Apps

These are basic apps that deliver static information to the users regarding a specific product/service of a business. Since they are static and don’t offer interaction, users cannot change anything on the web. Whether you want to show any product, service, or information to your audience, static web apps help you do so! These apps usually consist of static HTML pages, images, videos, and other multimedia files. 

Dynamic Apps

Unlike static apps, dynamic web apps are more personalized and provide rich user interaction. Backed by back-end server architecture, these apps first understand the user’s request and then deliver personalised content in real-time. For instance, eCommerce web apps are a perfect example of dynamic apps! They take users’ requests and then provide personalised product recommendations according to the user’s browsing history and items in the cart. 

Single Page Application 

This web app provides the necessary information within a single page, facilitating a seamless browsing experience. Unlike multi-page designs, the single-page app doesn’t make information cluttered and thus, it loads faster and provides quick responses to the user. Some of the examples of single-page apps include Google Maps, Gmail, Netflix, and more. 

Multi-Page Web Apps

These web apps contain static content that doesn’t change and if a user wants to view updated information, they will need to reload the entire page. Furthermore, these apps are structured in a client-server model and e-Learning tutorial portals are a perfect example of such apps. If you want to design an app requiring multiple pages with different URLs, look no further than multiple-page apps. 

Progressive Web App

Backed by the high-end tech of both single-page and multiple-page web apps, it provides an app-like experience to the user via a browser. With dedicated features like Push notifications, responsive nature, and quick loading, it fosters offline access and comes and works perfectly on any device. These features allow businesses to deliver customized content which includes new alerts, promotional offers, exciting deals, and order status to the user directly. 

Now, you have understood everything about custom web development apps and how they could be beneficial for your business growth!

A Step-by-Step Process to Custom Web App for Your Business

From conceptualisation to deployment, each step should be meticulously performed to the success of your web app. Let’s set our sights on the quick ways for custom web application development.  

Step by step process to custom web app development

Begin With Market Research

It is the first step in turning your dream app into reality! Ensure you conduct extensive research about your target audience, evaluate your competition, and stay updated with the latest trends to build apps that drive “Real” business results. After going through the research, you can embark on your custom web app development journey. The stage even involves creating wireframes and prototypes to avoid running into potential pitfalls. 

Some of the additional things you should take care of may include;

  • User-Friendly Interfaces
  • Responsive & Clutter-Free Design 
  • Robust Security Measures
  • Scalability 
  • Speed and Performance 
  • Reliability 
  • Post Deployment Maintenance & Support 

Select the Right Technology Stack 

Whether you want to build a static web app or a dynamic app, selecting the right tech stack is of utmost importance! Based on the features they want to incorporate or the functionality they want, there are abundant custom web application development frameworks, programming languages, and tools to choose from. Let’s take a look at some of the popular tech stack;

Technology TypeDetails 
Client-Side TechnologiesHTML (Hypertext Markup Language)CSS (Cascading Style Sheets)JavaScript
Web Design & DevelopmentBootstrapMaterialize CSS
Dynamic Web App:
Server-Side TechnologiesPHP (Hypertext Pre-processor)Ruby on Rails
Mobile App Development Swift (iOS App)Java (Android)

Adopting the Right Methodology 

To make your web app stand out, choosing the right methodology is incredibly important! Not only does it help you streamline the development process but it can also ensure the timely delivery of growth-oriented business outcomes. If you are baffled between the abundant methodologies, let’s discuss each in brief so you can make an informed decision. 

List of Methodologies Details 
Agile MethodologyPromotes feasibility and seamless customer experience through iterative development.
Waterfall Methodology Backed by a linear development approach, it provides a clear structure. 
Scrum Methodology Also known as the “sub-type” of Agile, it delivers high-value increments while evaluating the app’s progress. 
DevOps Methodology It focuses on clear and concise communication while ensuring you a quick and seamless development process.
Lean Methodology This methodology focuses on facilitating increased efficiency in the overall development process. In a nutshell, it keeps all non-essential components at bay. 

Don’t have time to leverage the right methodology? If so, don’t sweat it out! Hire the best custom web application services and turn your dream app into reality!

Focus on Designing Interfaces

Once you identify the right tech stack and methodologies, it’s time to set your sights on the user interface of the app. Whether you want to attract your target audience or achieve your business goals, the interface should be responsive, beautiful, and user-friendly and align with multiple devices. 

Interfaces Details 
Wireframes When it comes to the interface designing process, wireframes are essential! A wireframe helps showcase the app’s layout and structure. Ensure you embrace minimalism to enhance the overall user experience. 
PrototypingIt involves the pre-launch version of the app to evaluate its functionality, and usability, and collect feedback from users to improve it further. With prototypes, developers can identify issues and make improvements. 

Understanding Front-End & Back-End 

Remember that custom web app development involves front-end and back-end. The former is connected to the app’s visual aspects while the latter deals with the database management and app’s functionality. 

Speaking of front-end development, it helps developers create a beautiful and user-friendly interface that reflects the brand’s identity. It allows the experts to change the fonts, colours, layout, and images to foster responsiveness and compatibility with multiple browsers. 

Back-end development, on the other hand, focuses on the app’s performance to perform the tasks without any difficulty. During this development phase, developers work with multiple programming languages, including Ruby on Rails, Java, Python, and PHP.

QA & Final Launch 

Ready to launch your custom web app? Well, just pause for a while! Ensure you conduct thorough testing and quality assurance (AQ) to get things back on track. Conducting quality assurance (QA) is important to ensure that the app performs well and meets all the business’s requirements. 

Some of the requisite tests include;

  • Functional Testing
  • Usability Testing
  • Performance Testing
  • Security Testing
  • Compatibility Testing
  • Check for Errors 
  • Deployment

Let’s Embark on a Journey to Custom Web App Development with Eitbiz 

It is no secret that a custom web development app is a different ball game and may require a comprehensive approach to build one. From conceptualisation to implementation, it’s important to choose the right tech stack and follow each step to build a solid, responsive, engaging, and performance-packed web app for your business. 

Are you ready for your custom web app development? If so, your search ends here! 

Eitbiz is a leading custom web app development company that has a proven track record of crafting 1000+ web apps, tailored to each business’s needs. Fuelled by state-of-the-art technologies and a modern tool stack, we build tailor-made apps that are not only beautiful but also engaging, responsive, and user-friendly custom web apps that drive lucrative business results. To build a custom web app, reach out to us at info@eitbiz.com or call us at +1 812 530 6300.


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