Flutter Cross-Platform App Development: Why is it an Ideal Choice for Businesses?

Flutter Cross-Platform App Development

Gone are the days when the app development process used to be a nerve-wracking experience. 

But not anymore!

Since technology took the landscape by storm, businesses don’t need to run into each mobile platform to build their app. That’s where the importance of Flutter for cross-platform app development comes into play!

Though its popularity has gained a strong market foothold, harnessing it could make the entire app development process a breeze. 

If you want to leverage the maximum potential of Flutter, then you must understand what it exactly means and how it may benefit your business. 

Without further ado, let’s dive in!

What is Flutter?

Launched by Google, Flutter is a popular open-source cross-platform app development kit that allows developers to build beautiful, intuitive, and responsive apps for iOS & Android. Unlike other software development kits, a developer doesn’t need to undergo the stringent process of repetitive coding for two different apps. Based on the Dart programming language, Flutters supports AOT (Ahead of Time) and JIT (Just in Time). The former compiles code which is conducive to faster start-up and improved performance while the latter supports a “Hot Reload Feature” that reduces the overall development time. 

Whether you want to expand your customer base or skyrocket your overall revenue, Flutter is a tool that can make the entire process swift and hassle-free. 

Thanks to the tools included by Google, it offers extended support for fixing bugs, improving documentation, proprietary tools, and Firebase APIs. Its popularity is so extensive that more than 45% of developers chose Flutter in 2022 to develop a cross-platform mobile framework, as per the reports by Statista

In a nutshell, if you want to build an app that’s compatible across all browsers, Flutter is a one-stop solution! 

That’s the power of Flutter! 

But wait? That’s not the end of the story! You might be surprised to see other advantages that Flutter as a cross-platform app development offers. 

Let’s discuss them!

Incredible Reasons to Choose Flutter for Mobile App Development 

With extensive features and time-saving capabilities, Flutter emerged as a popular mobile app development framework. To learn more, here is the list of the benefits of Flutter that you cannot afford to miss out on. 

1. No Multiple Codes 

One of the key features and benefits of considering Flutter is that developers can easily build performance-centric apps without running into multiple coding. Since there is a single codebase to use, it allows developers to save ample time and focus on the app’s development quality. Unlike other frameworks with separate codes, one may rest assured that the app is prone to regular updates and maintained across all platforms. 

2. A Wide Range of Widgets 

Flutter comes in a wide range of widgets that ensure a quick and seamless app development process without jeopardising the appearance. Since Flutter is infused with multiple widgets that include UI enhancements and performance-booster elements, developers can easily add the latest features and make the app run smoothly. 

3. Hot Reload Feature 

Well, it’s the USP of Flutter that makes it a preferred choice for mobile app developers. It’s more of a revolutionary feature in Flutter that ensures developers don’t need to restart the app to see changes that they made in the app. It allows real-time modifications so that professionals can make changes and eliminates potential bugs on the go. 

4. Robust Community Support 

When it comes to community support, nothing surpasses the popularity and support of Flutter. It has more than 150k stars and 24k forks on GitHub. Sounds surprising, right? Its mushrooming popularity is the main reason behind its improved functionality. 

Since it’s gaining prominence across all businesses, new features, plugins, and regular updates are being added to it. When developers use this framework, they will have the latest trends and techniques to make their apps stand out. 

5. Boost App Performance

Flutter efficiently leverages the Google Firebase application on the backend which is vulnerable to boosting the app’s performance. Having said that, real-time updates can ensure that the data syncs perfectly with a specific brand. Thanks to its quick start-up and high-end performance capabilities, developers don’t need to spend sleepless nights improving the app’s speed. Furthermore, it always pushes the relevant updates and functionality necessary for an app’s improvement. 

List of Companies Using Flutter for App Development 

It is no secret that Flutter is a powerful cross-platform app development framework that can do wonders for your app. It’s not only you; there are many corporate giants that make the best use of Flutter. Let’s discuss them!

  • Google 
  • Alibaba Group
  • Tencent 
  • Square 
  • eBay 
  • Realtor.com
  • BMW 
  • Dream11 

What Does the Future Hold for Flutter as a Cross Platform App Development?

In simpler terms, the future of Flutter looks promising and currently, its popularity is not going to slow down anytime soon. Though it’s a new framework, it has managed to gain immense popularity- thanks to its hot reload feature, quick development, single codebase, and real-time updates. 

Speaking of its updates, the latest version of Flutter is Flutter 3.10 which includes a suite of robust features and enhancements. Unlike its predecessors, the latest update now comes with “Windows Development Support” that allows developers to build native Windows apps, as well. 

The inclusion of frequent updates and enhancements has made Flutter a powerful and versatile option for cross-platform app development. Even today and moving forward, Flutter will likely get the latest updates that brighten its future. 

The Bottom Lines 

So, that’s a wrap! Whether you want to enhance your existing app, build a new one, or modify an existing one, Flutter is the way to go! Building an app with Flutter can be quick, beautiful, and hassle-free. In terms of functionality, these apps work similar to native apps. 

Are you to build a dedicated cross-platform mobile app for your business? If so, your search ends here! 

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