How Converting Your Website to an App Drives Success?

How Converting Your Website to an App Drives Success

In today’s tech-dominating landscape, everything is online!

From ordering food to booking cabs, making payments, or whatnot, the power of technology is now in the palm of your hands- Thanks to “Mobile Apps”. 

And why it shouldn’t be?

  • Over 80% of mobile device usage is dedicated to app usage.
  • Apps account for more than 69% of total digital media consumption.
  • In 2022 alone, global app downloads surpassed 250 billion.

Well, that’s the power of “Mobile apps”

It comes as no surprise that businesses are aggressively switching to modern apps from their conventional website! simply website to an app.

From improving user engagement to boosting brand awareness or reaching out to your target audience, converting from a website to an app can let you reap countless benefits. 

Still in a dilemma? Well, let’s dive in!

Top Reasons to Convert Your Website into an App

Reasons to Convert Your Website into an App

Here are the 5 benefits of switching to an app from a website. 

Boost Brand Recognition Among App Users

It is no secret that brand visibility and recognition are crucial for achieving business success. Transforming your website into a mobile app provides a distinctive advantage, primarily due to the presence of your app icon prominently displayed on users’ home screens. Despite its seemingly small size, this icon holds significant potential for enhancing brand awareness and fostering engagement.

The app icon serves as a constant visual representation of your brand, occupying a prominent position among the most frequently accessed tools and platforms on a user’s device. Unlike a website, which necessitates the user to launch a browser, input a website URL, or conduct a search for your site, an app is conveniently just a tap away. This seamless accessibility significantly reduces the barrier to interaction, thereby increasing the likelihood of users engaging with your app—and consequently, your brand—regularly.

Improved Performance and Speed

Another reason to convert your existing website to an App is none other than improved performance! 

Mobile apps offer superior speed and responsiveness compared to mobile websites, thanks to their optimized code and streamlined functionalities. This translates into quicker loading times and seamless interactions, ultimately resulting in heightened user satisfaction and reduced bounce rates. Consequently, conversion rates are improved, fostering business growth.

While converting a website into an app ensures comparable speed, it’s noteworthy that websites can also achieve a high level of responsiveness through effective optimization techniques.

Alert Customers Using Push Notifications

A 2021 survey found that more than a quarter of consumers either provide a fake email address or use a secondary account when signing up for brand emails. Sounds surprising, doesn’t it?

Additionally, a third of respondents admitted to deleting emails after merely scanning subject lines. This behaviour is understandable considering the overwhelming volume of spam emails sent each year, significantly reducing consumers’ patience with traditional email marketing strategies.

However, for push notifications, it becomes important to convert your website to an app. These notifications are directly “pushed” to a user’s mobile device through an app. They typically garner much higher engagement rates compared to email marketing and can effectively be utilized for various purposes such as announcing new product launches, promoting offers and events, and providing updates on support tickets.

Cost & Productivity

Mobile apps offer a rapid expansion of your target audience compared to websites, as they eliminate intermediaries from the process, thereby reducing marketing costs significantly. This cost reduction results in an increase in productivity rates by almost a quarter.

Direct communication with end-users further drives down marketing expenses. Integrating popular social media platforms like Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook into your mobile app enhances its appeal and reach. Moreover, when you convert your website into an app, it will expand your social media footprint and amplify your brand’s visibility and engagement across various platforms.


Customers highly appreciate personalized content tailored to their preferences, likes, and dislikes. A mobile app that offers personalized experiences tends to foster stronger connections with users. In addition to curating content from a user-centric perspective, push notifications are also customized using this approach.

Through the application, targeted users can select and define their preferences in advance, particularly regarding content selection. Analysing user engagement data enables you to make customized recommendations within your app, encouraging users to stay engaged for longer periods. This focus on personalization enhances user satisfaction and retention, ultimately contributing to the app’s success.

Types of Mobile Apps to Consider for Your Business 

Confused about the types of mobile apps? Let’s dig deep into each to understand and choose the ideal one. 

  • Native Apps

If you’re looking to convert your website to an app, then Native apps are an ideal choice. They derive their name from being tailored to a specific platform, like iOS or Android, and are accessible for download through the respective platforms’ app stores. They are meticulously crafted for a particular operating system and employ languages native to that system, such as Java for Android and Swift for iOS.

Native apps are renowned for their exceptional performance, making them the preferred choice for high-end, big-budget brands. However, smaller brands might encounter challenges due to budget limitations, as developing separate builds for both iOS and Android can be financially burdensome.

  • Hybrid Apps

Hybrid apps represent a fusion of web and native apps that offer accessibility on both app stores and through web browsers. They are notably simpler and more cost-effective to develop, leveraging familiar web technologies like HTML, CSS, and JavaScript, which are encapsulated within a native container. If you want to convert your website to an App, this streamlined development process is ideal as it translates to reduced time investment and decreased complexity.

However, due to their reliance on standard web-based technology, hybrid apps may compromise on their aesthetics, user experience, and speed when compared to their native counterparts.

Cross-platform apps are designed to mimic the functionality of native apps but are constructed using a single codebase. This approach eliminates the need for a substantial budget typically required for developing separate iOS and Android versions of the app.

Backed by a single codebase, cross-platform apps offer a more cost-effective and efficient development process. They also deliver a user interface that closely resembles that of native apps, thanks to the utilization of platform-specific UI components. As a result, cross-platform apps generally provide a superior user experience compared to web or hybrid apps.

  • Web mobile apps

Web apps are a category of mobile applications that utilize web-based technologies. They are accessed through a mobile device’s web browser, eliminating the need for downloading or installation onto the device. Being internet-enabled grants them enhanced flexibility and a responsive design, enabling compatibility with various mobile devices and operating systems.

Final Thoughts 

So, that’s a wrap to the potential reasons to convert your website into an app! 

Opting for the cost-effective approach of converting your website into an app can yield rapid returns on investment. Whether you’re promoting products, and services, or showcasing your portfolio, an app offers a highly effective platform for reaching your audience.

Ready to build an engaging, feature-rich, & scalable app? If so, your search ends here! 

At EitBiz, we are a leading mobile app development company that can convert your website into an engaging mobile app and create a better on-the-go experience for your customer base. Our team of app developers, designers, testers, & deployers efficiently leverage state-of-the-art tech stack to build scalable apps that attract your audience and drive tangible business results. To convert your existing website to an App, reach out to us at or call us at +1 812 530 6300.


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