HTTPs has amazing benefits you don’t want to lose out on Online marketing

As a website owner, you might not understand this as it goes to the core of a website, but do not worry, your webmaster should be well aware of this so, all you need to do is link them with this blog. Better still, you can get in touch with EitBiz and our experts will guide you through website designing to ensure that your site is HTTPS compliant for maximized benefits.

Google, which is the largest search engine in the world today and the industry standard, initiated a mission to make all websites operate on HTTPS as a standard. Why is it important that your website is on HTTPS and not HTTP?

As an internet user, you will realize that a number of some of the most popular websites are using HTTPS and not HTTP. The difference between the two is the “S” and it is amazing the benefits you will get through that one letter.

What is the difference between the two anyway?

HTTP (Hyper Text Transfer Protocol) is an efficient system for transferring and receiving information on the internet. It is an efficient method for transferring information accurately to users.

HTTPS (Secure HyperText Transfer Protocol) is built with the objective of ensuring secure transfer of information on the internet. This technique provides users with a fully secure platform for sharing confidential information on the internet. Through HTTPS, webmasters can prevent the unauthorized access of information on their websites.

SSL and its role in HTTPS and HTTP
The primary distinction between HTTPS and HTTP is the SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) Certificate which is responsible for encrypting information before transmitting it through the internet to the user. SSL functions by bridging the browser and the server to ensure that malware, harmful viruses, and other security issues don’t end up in the user’s network.

A brief classification of HTTP and HTTPs
URL Prefix “HTTPS://” “HTTP://”
Communication port Prot 443 Port 80
Security performance Removes security threats during information exchange It’s proven to have security compromises

From the table above, it is clear why you need to move your website from HTTP to HTTPS. In addition to security benefits, HTTPS has several SEO benefits and below, are some of them in more details.

i.More safe website
HTTPS guarantees the safety of your customer’, visitors’, and clients’ information. The need for safety cannot be emphasized any further especially if you have an e-commerce website. If you are an e-store owner, you need to move to HTTPS to ensure transactions on your website are safe. Securing your information is essential even when you don’t have a payment gateway on your e-commerce as it helps to build credibility with your customers.

ii.Google ranking
HTTPS and SSL bring assured security and websites with these features are considered to be better secured. To webmasters, websites with HTTPS are referred to as certified and trusted. The importance of your website being certified counts best when ranking in Google as they are given better prominence according to Google’s SEO update. HTTPS is thus an impressive ranking methodology that Google admires as it seeks to encourage a safe and conscious online environment that is designed with the user in mind. By using HTTPS, you gain an upper hand against your competitor e-commerce websites still using HTTP.

iii.Better and guaranteed security
If your website has HTTPS, it is the only one that can securely and confidentially decrypt transferred information. More importantly, HTTPS guarantees the security of your website through integrity and the assurance that information never gets interfered with. There is a common misconception that HTTPS guarantees security through sensitive passwords. Nothing could be further from the truth, because even boring and poorly designed websites will acclaim the benefits accrued to HTTPS. The good news is that combining trust with security helps you to reach your customers through better ranking, and helps you retain those visitors through loyalty.

iv.Better website audit
What are the status, the health, and the SEO standing of your website? This is vital information that will help you in refocusing your website to better target your customers. HTTPS allows for website analytics integration thus easier to audit your website. With the audit report, you are able to strategically place your Ads for targeted reach.

v.Increased referrals
HTTP websites face the risk of having their visitor data stripped even if the traffic is from a secure HTTPS to HTTP site. HTTPS websites have the benefit that traffic is preserved. This means that when you have an HTTP e-commerce website, you will better know where your traffic originated from thus know which referral program is working, which needs a little readjustment, and which is not working and should be shut down.

HTTPS thus has clear SEO benefits which as an e-commerce website owner, you can’t afford to overlook them. If your website is an HTTP, you have to take the effort, with the right immediacy to move to HTTPS and start to enjoy these SEO benefits. Moreover, Google has provided essential securing websites which will help you in moving your website with the minimal, if any, hassles and inconveniences.

A brief recap
By shifting from HTTP to HTTPS, you place your website on a success trajectory. How much have you invested to boost your websites rank in Google? How much have your invested to better track your traffic? How much have you invested in to ensure the security of your e-commerce website? Well, all these are available for your free-claiming, by simply switching to HTTPS. Even if you have in-house SEO experts, it is advised that you use the SEO services of a certified Webmaster for the switching. At EitBiz, we have the Google Certified Webmasters who will move your website without any matters arising. So, jump unto the me-too bandwagon and start enjoying the HTTPs accrued benefits.

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