Step-by-Step Guide to Making App Icons Larger and Label-Free on iOS 18

Step-by-Step Guide to Making App Icons Larger and Label-Free on iOS 18

Apple’s fanbase is enormous and stats don’t lie!

Did you know?

Apple has over 41% market share of smartphones and customers’ loyalty is indestructible in the US smartphone market! 

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But what’s more important is that recently, Apple has recently launched iOS 18 which comes with all-new customization options, the biggest-ever redesign of Photos, powerful updates for staying connected, and Apple Intelligence, the personal intelligence system

iPhone users often complain of extra space between the icons, which sometimes could be irritating. 

Thanks to the release of iOS 18, you can finally get rid of the app icon labels and expand your icons to fill in that extra space. 

Excited to embrace that “big icons and no labels” look? Let’s dive in! 

iOS 18: A Major Breakthrough in the Realm of Apple iPhones 

In layman’s language, iOS 18 is the eighteenth major release of Apple’s iOS operating system for the iPhone announced on June 10, 2024. 

It is the talk of the town for some damn good reasons! It features abundant customization options and enables users to enjoy a seamless and convenient in-app experience. 

List of Tasks You Can Perform With iOS 18

Parameters Details
CustomizationArrange apps and widgets in any open space on the Home Screen.Customize the buttons at the bottom of the Lock Screen.Access more controls in the Control Center. 
Gallery & Pictures Automatically organized photo librariesNew single view in PhotosHelpful new collections
Email Simplified inboxEmail sorted into categories using on-device intelligenceNew text effects in iMessage

Here’s what Apple’s Senior Vice President has to say…

“We are excited to launch iOS 18. The latest update will open the gateway to new levels of customization and capability and powerful ways to stay connected with Messages. There are abundant benefits for all Apple users,” said Craig Federighi, Apple’s senior VC Software Engineering.

iOS 18: What are the New Features Included in the Update?

iOS 18

Let’s take a look at the exciting new features included in the iOS 18 update. 

Advanced Customisation Support

With the latest iOS 18 update, users can easily customize the way they engage with their devices. From arranging apps and widgets to place them anywhere on the home screen, a user can perform a wide range of tasks to open a door to new levels of customization. Furthermore, iPhone users have the leverage to enhance the look and feel of the app icons and widgets. Whether you want to make icons large or small, the latest update has got your back!

A Unique Photos Layout & Refined Collections

Another major update that comes with iOS 18 is that users can effortlessly find and relieve their special moments through “Unified View”. With a single and simplified view of new collections, users can easily navigate through without running into the hassles of organizing content into albums. In addition, there’s a novel carousel view feature that showcases the highlights of each day, including places you visit, food you eat, people you meet, and more. 

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Stay Connected Effortlessly

Apple understands the relevance of connectivity in today’s tech-driven landscape! Thus, its new iOS 18 update enables users to receive all-new text effects that enhance the regular phase, letter, and word into dynamic appearances. 

Remember that connectivity is all about how you deliver your message and that’s what iMessage facilitates users to express themselves effortlessly. From adding formatting (bold, italics, and strikethrough) to incorporating emojis or stickers, users can compose a message creatively and send it or even schedule it at whatever time they want. 

Mail Enhancements

It’s a significant speculation that Apple will likely introduce new ways for users to manage their inboxes. From sorting incoming emails into primary emails to organizing miscellaneous emails into updates and promotions, the on-device categorization will likely make an impact on Apple’s ecosystem. Furthermore, there will be a new digest view that fetches all crucial emails from a business, which enables users to quickly scan and identify the most relevant aspect. 

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Major Safari Update

Safari- A Browser That is Actually Private”- The internet is bombarded with this tagline; so is the case with banners and hoardings. With the latest iOS 18 update, Safari offers an even easier way to discover information on the web with Highlights and a redesigned Reader experience. As the world’s fastest internet browser, Safari has now come up with multiple ways that enable users to enjoy articles and blogs without any hindrances. Furthermore, in case of a longer form of content, there’s a summary and table of contents included. 

Enhanced Privacy Features

Apple’s popularity lies in the fact that it is secure and private. Thus, with the latest iOS 18 update, Apple allows users to see who can manage their apps, the way of sharing contacts, and how their smartphone connect to accessories. 

Users can easily lock and hide their apps to keep their information private and hidden, thereby protecting their data from theft and malicious acts. Remember that when an app is locked or hidden, nobody can access the content like messages or emails inside the app across the system.

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What are the Additional iOS 18 Features to Include?

List of Features Details 

Apple Maps
It enables the user to browse thousands of hikes across US national parks. Furthermore, with the latest iOS 18 updates, you can even create custom walking routes accessible offline.
Game Mode It enhances the gaming experience with more consistent frame rates to ensure users can enjoy hours of gaming without getting bored. 
Apple Pay Users get new ways to pay with Apple Pay, including the ability to redeem rewards and access installments from their eligible credit or debit.
AirPodsIt enables users to respond to Siri announcements by nodding or shaking their heads.
Notes appUsers can easily solve their maths questions using formulas and equations included in Math Notes. 
Journal,It allows users to track journaling goals, and the ability to search and sort entries to go back in time and enjoy memories.
Home App It introduces guest access for controlling select smart home accessories, hands-free unlock with home keys using Ultra Wideband technology.

How To Change the Colour of The App Icons on Your Home Screen?

If you are looking to change the colour of the app icon on your iPhone’s home screen, consider the following steps.

  • Just unlock your iPhone using Face ID or passcode. When you are on the Home Screen, press and hold on an empty area.
  • Then, in the next step, you will need to tap Edit in the top-left corner. After that, Tap Customize.
  • In the customization menu that appears, tap the “Large” button.
  • Once done, you can save your preferred setting by tapping anywhere on the Home Screen. 

How to Make Home Screen Icons Large & Label-Free?

Congratulations- If you have reached these steps, you have probably liked this post! Now, let’s set our sights on making home screen icons large and label-free. 

  • In the first step, unlock your iPhone and Tap and hold anywhere on the Home Screen (refrain from tapping on any icon or widget).
  • Right after that, you can easily Edit the Home Screen of your iPhone where you can see icons shake a bit and have a (-) button in the upper left.
  • After that, you will need to tap Edit in the upper left corner of your smartphone’s home screen, then tap Customize. Then, you will see a small interface which allows you to modify the app icon size and colour. When you tap, you can navigate between icon sizes. If you want (that’s why you have landed on this post), choose the large size to minimize the space between icons and enjoy an enhanced iPhone experience. 

Final Thoughts 

So, that’s all folks! That’s a wrap-up to the guide to making app icons larger with iOS 18! It is no secret that Apple always comes with frequent updates that may not only provide a seamless user experience but also implement updated security measures to stay ahead in the game. 

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