Top Programming Languages for iOS App Development 2024

Top Programming Languages for iOS App Development 2024

It’s 2024! 

It’s crazy to watch how “iPhone” (or Apple Devices, you could say) has taken over the mobile market worldwide. 

Don’t you believe? Well, let’s throw some jaw-dropping facts!

These astonishing facts show the unhindered popularity of iOS apps!

Now, you might be interested in building an iOS app, right?

Well, that’s the reason, you’re here on this blog post, looking to choose the best programming language for iOS app development!

Since there are multiple programming languages out there, it’s important to weigh down the ins and outs of each one!

But before that, let’s understand what the iOS programming language is all about!

Understanding iOS Programming Language  

In layman’s language, iOS programming languages is a set of languages that develop robust iOS apps for multiple devices, including iPhones, iPads, Apple TVs, and iWatch. From design to deployment, a programming language plays a crucial role in app development. Although there are multiple iOS languages, “Swift” is termed as a credible yet powerful option for building iOS apps. 

Well, you’ll be shocked to know that nearly 90% of the top 100 non-game apps are built using Swift.

However, it doesn’t mean there’s only one good programming language!

Instead, each language has its unique traits. Thus, understanding your project’s requirements is important before you run into any one language.

Without further ado, let’s dive in!

Top 5 Programming Languages to Consider for iOS App Development

Since the market for iOS apps is mushrooming daily, developers are always on the “Search Mode” for choosing the best iOS app. Let’s discuss the top 7 programming languages for solid, sustainable, and scalable iOS app development.

1. Swift


It is one of the best programming languages for building solid iOS apps. Developed by Apple itself, this modern framework helps build apps for all kinds of Apple platforms, including macOS, iPad OS, WatchOS, tvOS, and more. Furthermore, it is optimized and integrated in a streamlined format as it’s designed and owned by Apple. Additionally, Swift app development boasts features like handling crashes, fixing errors, enhanced security, and more. 

Key Features of Swift

  • Quick Coding: Unlike other programming languages, Swift is simple to read and write. In addition, it enables developers to build apps promptly and efficiently. 
  • Open-Source: Its open-source nature helps engage a community of developers. Thus, it leads to quick resolution of queries and error-free app development. 
  • Enhanced Speed: From utility-based to complex gaming apps, Swift is an ideal choice for developing quick and error-free apps. 

Popular Apps Built Using Swift 

  • Lyft
  • Uber
  • Amazon Alexa 
  • Google Pay
  • YouTube 
  • LinkedIn

2. C#


It is a modern and Object-oriented programming language that enables developers to build a multitude of iOS apps for desktop to mobile. Since its code is compiled using Xamarin into native app binaries, it allows the sharing of app logic across multiple operating systems. Furthermore, it enables professional app developers to build native iOS apps while reusing the code. 

Key Features:

  • Library Support: This programming language boasts extensive libraries that help carry out activities like GUI design & database connection. 
  • Automatic Memory Management: Because it harnesses garbage collection, developers can easily manage memory, reduce memory leaks, and boost the app’s performance. 
  • Large Community of Developers: Just like Swift, C# also has a large developers’ community and a robust ecosystem of frameworks and libraries. 

Popular Apps Built Using C#

  • Amazon Books
  • Microsoft Office Apps
  • Olo Restaurant Ordering 
  • Storyo

3. React Native 

React Native

Developed by Facebook, React Native is an open-source app development framework that allows developers to build iOS & Android apps. Backed by a single codebase, there’s no need to develop multiple apps for two different platforms. Moreover, you’ll be surprised to know that it was used by more than 30% of software developers in 2023. That’s the power of React Native! 

There are thousands of iOS apps built with React Native development that are currently running on users’ devices. Besides its popularity, the framework is infused with abundant libraries and frameworks that make the development process a breeze. 

Key Features of React Native 

  • Hot Reloading: It allows developers to instantly view the changes in the code without restarting the app. Thus, it makes the development time faster. 
  • Seamless Cross-Platform: One of the key features of React Native is that it can wrap native codes into interactive native APIs. Furthermore, it ensures that the app may run across multiple OS and devices without any difficulty. 
  • Performance: Infused with Native code, developers can build a solid iOS app close to native performance. Furthermore, it has a set of rich libraries and frameworks that may enhance the apps’ functionality. 

List of Popular Apps Built Using React Native 

  • Instagram
  • UberEats 
  • Facebook
  • Skype
  • Pinterest 
  • Discord

4. Java 


No matter what kind of app development needs you have, Java is a widely used programming language that builds secure and feature-rich iOS. Moreover, the key feature of Java is that it has no complexities involved because everything is expressed as classes and objects. Because it’s platform-independent, it allows the app to run on both iOS & Android. Furthermore, there’s a large community of developers and third-party libraries. 

Key Features of Java 

  • High-performance: Unlike other programming languages, Java is relatively faster because the bytecode is “Close” to Native code. Also, it can handle unexpected app stoppages. 
  • Security: Backed by memory management and high-end security features, developers can build 100% secured iOS apps for your business. 
  • Rich Ecosystem: Java has an extensive set of libraries and frameworks that enable developers to make the best use of it and improve the app’s functionality. 

Popular Apps Built Using Java 

  • Spotify 
  • Twitter 
  • Opera Mini
  • eBay
  • NASA WorldWind 
  • Murex

5. HTML 5


Lastly, HTML5, also known as Hypertext Markup Language, is the latest version of HTML. This new version now comes with additional JavaScript APIs to build apps that run natively on iOS devices. Furthermore, the framework can efficiently utilize the device’s capabilities. Whether you want to build a large-scale or small-scale iOS app, hiring the framework will serve the purpose. 

Key Features:

  • Quick Development: Since it leverages JavaScript frameworks, it leads to a faster app development lifecycle from conceptualization to deployment. 
  • Enhanced Support for Web Development: One of the key features of Java is that it uses Node.js instead of server-side languages. Furthermore, this would help developers to get good support for developing web and mobile apps. 
  • Cross-Platform: Developers can easily leverage the feature of code reusability to build apps that support web, iOS, & Android apps. Moreover, you can use the framework to build Android or Windows apps, as well. 

Renowned Apps Built Using HTML5 

  • Starbucks 
  • PhoneGap 
  • Cordova 
  • Uber Eats 

Final Thoughts 

So, there you have it! There is no denying the fact that building an iOS app requires a lot more than you think! While most iOS apps are built using Swift, developers are aggressively adopting languages to reap additional benefits. 

Choosing the right programming language as per your business needs is important. Therefore, you cannot choose any random one and end up jeopardizing your app. 

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