Understanding the Impact of Smart Energy Management in EV Landscape

Understanding the Impact of Smart Energy Management in EV Landscape

Let’s drop some hard-hitting EV facts! 

  • In 2022, electric vehicle sales touched the mark of 7.3 million which is nearly 14X since 2016. 
  • As per the reports from Precedence Research, the global electric vehicle market size is projected to reach USD 1,716.83 billion by 2032.
  • More than 2 million EVs were sold only in the first quarter of the year 2022. 

Well, that’s the buzz of electric vehicles today! 

With such promising facts, it arises the need for smart & sustainable energy management for EVs! Not only does it help optimize charging operations but also fosters stability, cost-savings, and a peerless user experience. 

In this post, we’ll learn;

  • Overview of Smart Energy Management System 
  • Challenges in EV adoption 
  • Role of Smart Energy Management System 
  • Reasons to opt for EV app 

Without further ado, let’s dive in!

Understanding Smart Energy Management Solution

To put it simply, a smart energy management solution (SEMS) is an optimization tool that helps to optimize the energy resources of the vehicle to enhance the overall performance and efficiency. Backed by a blend of hardware and software tech stack, it helps channelise the energy and allocate it to different sections, including batteries, braking systems, power units, and more. 

Since SEMS works on a cloud-based management platform, it employs an advanced algorithm to shift charging loads while managing dynamic energy costs. 

Let’s discuss the key aspects involved in SEMs. 

  • Battery Management: Includes monitoring of the battery temperature, state of charge (SoC) and State of Health (SoH) to optimize the performance and lifespan of the vehicle’s battery.
  • Powertrain Control: involves managing the flow of energy between the battery, motor, and other components to maximise power and performance. 
  • Predictive Algorithms: Evaluate historical data and real-time inputs to predict the energy demand and utilise the remaining energy as per the vehicle’s requirements. 
  • Vehicle Grid Capability: Involves in enhancing the overall driving experience while adhering to sustainability. 

But the implementation of such a framework isn’t a cakewalk! There is more to it! 

Let’s talk about the potential roadblocks that should be removed to a successful EV adoption. 

Potential Hurdles in EV Adoption 

Here’s the list of the hurdles to be taken care of while adopting EVs. 

  • Lack of Charging Stations 

Although EVs are booming, many people are still hesitant to give them a shot because there’s insufficient charging infrastructure, especially in rural areas. There is no denying that EV charging network requires a huge chunk of money. Furthermore, there are chances of theft and damage to the property in underdeveloped regions. 

  • Data Security & Privacy 

Since technology plays a crucial role in EVs and charging infrastructure, there’s a higher chance of security breaches. Even a minute mistake can hack the user’s data. Implementing robust security measures is the need of the hour to protect the data. 

  • Lack of Awareness

Though EVs are popular, there are many customers still not well-versed with the benefits of smart energy management solutions. People are still breaking their budget to get awareness regarding the adoption of these technologies.  To help combat this issue, online campaigns and awareness programs must be established to inform buyers about the advantages of these tech tools. 

How Can Smart Energy Management Help in EV Adoption?

How Can Smart Energy Management Help in EV Adoption

There are abundant environmental benefits of Smart Energy Management Solutions that can contribute to a cleaner and greener environment. Let’s dig down into the salient features and benefits of SEMs. 

  • Smart Charging Infrastructure 

Charging stations are equipped with communication modes that allow the user to interact with the grid, utility providers, and EVs. SEMs efficiently analyse energy consumption, renewable energy generation, and energy costs while ensuring maximum utilisation of energy without putting a strain on the power grid. Backed by features like load balancing and renewable energy usage, it will save energy and maximize charging efficiency. 

  • Battery Monitoring & Recycling 

When it comes to lowering the carbon footprint, battery surveillance and recycling play an important role. Smart energy management systems play a crucial role in improving the efficiency of electric vehicle (EV) batteries. It effectively collects crucial data on battery health and its usage to skilfully optimise the performance of EV batteries. In addition, smart energy management systems help in the proper recycling of batteries at the end of their life cycle, thereby reducing the ecological impact of EVs.

  • Eliminate the Problem of Grid Overload

Another major reason why SEMs can help is that it offers a potential solution to the problem of grid overload. Advanced energy management systems can adjust the timings of the charging loads to balance the overall load on the power grid. With such an optimisation tool, the grid will likely go beyond the level, ultimately promoting its stability and reliability. 

The best thing about this technology is that it efficiently harnesses the energy generated during off-peak hours and later, makes the best use of renewable energy sources. 

Well, there is no denying that smart energy management solutions are revolutionizing the EV industry! 

But now the question is- How the user can keep track of the vehicle’s battery? 

This is where the importance of a mobile app comes in! 

Benefits of Opting for a Smart Energy Management App 

Benefits of Opting for a Smart Energy Management App

With a dedicated mobile app, the user can easily manage their vehicle’s battery consumption and figure out other energy-related aspects that can make them make the right decision in terms of charging supply. Let’s set our sights on the reasons why a smart energy management app is the need of the hour. 

  • Complete User Analytics 

When a user uses the app to gain insights about their electric vehicle, they can gain a lot of information, including energy usage, charging history, driving habits, time taken to fully recharge batteries, and more. Since the app is backed by the latest tech, users can also get personalised recommendations to improve their energy efficiency and avoid waste of energy. 

If you don’t have time to invest in mobile app development or you’re running short on technology, hire the best mobile app development company that can build an engaging, feature-enriched, and scalable energy management app to save time and money.

  • Cost-Savings 

Another major benefit of considering a dedicated app for smart energy management solutions is that it can help users manage their charging expenses. The best thing about such an app is that it can routinely monitor charging operations in real time and find out the potential pitfalls in the charging infrastructure. 

With such a dedicated app fuelled with modern features, users can easily schedule the charging of the EV to manage energy consumption in a better way. 

  • Improved User Experience 

Using a dedicated energy management app can offer a seamless user interface and foster a smooth experience that they cannot overlook. With such an app, users have the flexibility to supervise and manage their charging sessions. 

Since the app will be equipped with features, you can navigate timetables in the app to know the charging status, time taken to full charge, number of times the user charges in a week/month and driving patterns. 

When these insights are shared with the user, they can make the right decision related to charging usage. 

The Bottom Lines 

So, there you have it! Investing in a smart energy management app opens a door to abundant opportunities in terms of enhancing operational efficiency, minimising costs, and sustainability. 

Looking to build an intelligent app for your EV business? If so, you’ve reached the correct destination! 

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