Which Are the Best PrestaShop Modules to Consider, Especially at Peak-Traffic Seasons?

Are you a PrestaShop e-commerce owner or IT Manager?

This article is meant for you and it shares tips on best prestashop modules at your disposal to help you raise your revenue, especially during high traffic seasons. PrestaShop is one of the top e-commerce platforms thanks to its compatibility, flexibility, ease of use, and the various customization options available. PrestaShop is an open resource with many third-party modules, both paid and free, which widen the opportunities available through the platform. Through these options, PrestaShop offers a personalized experienced to customers.

High traffic seasons e.g. Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Year are an opportunity for you to significantly increase your revenue, and PrestaShop offers many options to achieve just that. For first-timers in PrestaShop, it is difficult to determine which modules to use and which to ignore. But do not worry, we are here for you. To determine this, just understand the nature of your business and your target audience. Otherwise, be guided by the primary objectives of every business – to make and increase profit and be oriented for customers.

To help in the realization of these objectives, this article is a presentation on the top PrestaShop modules that every PrestaShop eStore owners should consider in creating solutions focused on the customer.

Best PrestaShop Modules to Consider

Auction Module for PrestaShop

This module allows store owners to sell their products at auctions and allows customers to place several bids and an email notification service for new bids. PrestaShop Auctions provides a smart way to engage customers, creating competition, and selling at higher prices. This module has other benefits which include;

• It provides an advanced system for managing auctions and bids
• Allows customer to for interesting products
• The highest bid is displayed upfront with an auction timer
• Merchants can create pages to list all products under auction
• Logged in customers can follow and place bids
• The system provides a library of customers history

PrestaShop Gift Card Module

It comes in handy during festivals and is a perfect way to boost the store’s revenue. PrestaShop Gift Card allows customers to buy gift card vouchers and share them through email. This service benefits your store two-fold. First, it is a source of revenue, and second, it’s an affiliate marketing opportunity as customers share through emails. Other benefits of using this module include;

• Gift cards allow for personalization by the store owner
• Card’s validity period can be set by the store owner
• Discounts can be added either fixed or percentage
• Discount criteria are variable to product or orders

PrestaShop Labels for Products

This module is highly customer-centric. Through it, merchants can add images and texts label to their products. Other features of this module are.

• Allows for the configuration of alignment of labels
• It allows for several labels on a product
• It has a high return on revenue
• It can be used in several stores
• A single grid can manage several labels

WhatsApp Share Manager

This module allows store owners to target the over 1.5 billion customer pool using WhatsApp. The module functions to allow clients to share shop products on WhatsApp. The benefits of this App include.

• Customer sharing products help to create demand
• The module is easy to customize
• With the very visible button, it’s easy to share any page
• It’s easy and simple to integrate
• It has colour and text that is customizable

Verified Review

Reviews are a vital part of any product as over 70% of all buyers read them before making a decision to purchase. Product reviews by clients are sure to increase sales. The features of this module include;

• It offers full customization
• Reviews are both on products and the website
• It allows for review of prices

PrestaShop HTML Block

By using WYSIWYG editor store owners can create customized text, multi-media, and HTML blocks. These blocks can be placed on various pages e.g. product, category, home, and even the shopping cart page. In addition, a CSS of the block can be generated and placed wherever the preferred location of the store. This module allows merchants to;

• Add any number of HTML blocks wherever on the store
• Include news, and text, in any format through the Static Block Pro PrestaShop
• The module allows for complete customization
• Upload promotional content through the PrestaShop text blocks that Use the MCE editor.

Products Related to PrestaShop

This module allows store owners to display related products in a slider on the product pages to increase their appeal. Highlighting popular products to customers has been shown to increase sales. The features of this module include.

• Store owners can select desired products to display
• The display can be configured manually as well as add attributes
• The selected combination appears immediately after the selection
• Related products are displayed below the product description
• Customer care can add products to suit client demands
• The module provides guidance to the customer especially when the right products are selected.

PrestaShop Social Login

This module allows customers to log in to the store through Facebook, Amazon, Twitter, Google, or PayPal Login which means ease of use for customers. This feature increases the conversion rate as well as creates trust. Additional benefits of using this module include.

• With a single click, customers are able to create an account as well as log in
• It eases and fastens checkout
• Through PayPal Login, a single click not only create an account and logs in the client, it also fills the billing details for the customer.

Final word

There are numerous opportunities to make your PrestaShop well oriented to your customers. The various modules available have proven to be of value and to deliver positive results to store owners. Contact us to get a free consultation on PrestaShop development services.

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