Why is Your Website Slow? How to Fix it

Why is Your Website Slow? How to Fix it

A website has the power of taking a business up to the sky, but a slow website can turn it upside down. A slow website disrupts a business’ growth and is considered to be one of the most crucial factors for a brand’s failure. There are many reasons for a slow-loading website. However, a slow website results in one thing, which is failure of a business. In this blog, we have discussed the reasons for a slow website and how you can fix it. 

Effects of a Slow Website on a Business

A slow website affects a business severely and gets in the way of conversion, lead-generation, and overall growth. Here are the effects of a slow website on a business backed by statistics, that will help you understand how serious this issue is, and how it will affect your business if your website is slow. 

82% Consumers Feel That a Slow Website Affects Their Purchasing Decision

A survey by Unbounce based on 525 consumers led to the conclusion that 82% of consumers felt that if an eCommerce website is slow at loading pages, they feel disinterested in shopping from that site. 45.5% of those 525 consumers mentioned that if a website loads slower than expected, they do not complete their purchases. These are serious figures which can’t be overlooked, as this leads to a grave loss in revenue. 

Slow Websites Cost $2.6 Billion Dollars to Retailers Annually

To support the point we have mentioned in the above paragraph, a report by Forbes states that retail businesses are highly affected by slow-loading websites. Such retail businesses lose over $2.6 Billion dollars annually in revenue due to slow-loading websites. This is why it is important to optimize your website to increase its speed. 

How To Increase Website Loading Speed

The above mentioned consequences of a slow-loading website are something every business tries to avoid. However, loading issues can arrive at any point of time in your website, if it isn’t developed or maintained properly. One small mistake can lead to serious loss of revenue for your business. 

The leading causes of a slow website are large media files, poorly-written scripts, bulky side codes, too many plugins, etc. These errors are made during the development process of your website. Because of these errors, your website takes too much time to load. These are just a few reasons that lead to the failure of websites. Besides these, there are many technical errors that are responsible for the slow-loading of a website. Get your website checked for free through experienced Web Development Experts. 

To solve all these issues, we suggest you to redesign your website and enjoy your website’s full potential. Redesigning website helps businesses overcome the technical issues that may be weighing their website’s growth down. Once you get your website redesigned, you will witness a sharp increase in website traffic and conversion. 

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