Why Should We Migrate to Magento 2.X Edition?

We are using Magento 1.X Edition

In the world of information technology, change is inevitable, and it is important that you keep track of change and embrace it. Magento 2.x is one of the technologies in information technology that is currently trending. Launched in June 2015, Magento 2.x is loaded with amazing features which include under-friendly backend UI, amazing check-out features, and a flexible architecture that is highly admirable by business owners.

Magento 2.x augments the experiences sought after by both admin personnel and customers in e-commerce. Based on user experiences and the features that Magento 2.x has, it is obvious that it is better than Magento 1.x., and it is better positioned to benefit your business

So, what are these features that Magento 2.x stand out?

i. It integrates new technology

For those with experience in Magento 1.x, it is obvious that performance is a major issue. Magento 2.x has been developed to resolve this issue;

(a)-When using Magento 2.x, you don’t have to install a third-party module on the server.
(b)-Magento 2.x supports the latest versions of PHP (i.e. PHP 5.5x to PHP 7) thus it enhances processing speed for e-commerce tires and these come with security fixes.
(c)-Unlike Magento 1.x which requires manual optimization of images, magneto 2.x has tools preinstalled that allow for optimization of images directly on the server.
(d)-Magento 2.x has bundled and reduced JavaScript thus, you will not be required to perform extra-strenuous browser operations.

ii. Admin panel is responsive

In Magento 2.x, the Admin Panel has been improved to make it more user-friendly as compared to that in Magento 1.x.

(a)-In Magento 2.x., store management, information search, and navigation are quite easy
(b)-With Magento 2.x, uploading new products, product images, and descriptions are very easy. It is also possible to upload product videos, a feature not available in Magento 1.x
(c)-Store management in Magento 2.x is highly enhanced as you can track such details including last and top search phrases, last order, and average order. Laos, you get to keep record of the most common orders, customers, and shipping quantity, and revenue tax
(d)-With Magento 2.x., you get to manage customer columns and order grips without the help of a developer
(e)-Content standing in Magento 2.x is highly advanced
(f)-You can also import product data faster
(g)-Through the “Data Migration Tool,” you can transfer your data from Magento 1.x to Magento 2.x very easily
(h)-Some of the popular tools from Magento 1.x are also available through Magento 2.x e.g. SEO and Search, User Content, Communications, and Promotions.

iii. Security and SEO

Magento 2.x outshines Magento 1.x in every aspect as far as Search Engine Optimization and Security are concerned.

(a)-With a fortified hashing algorithm for passwords, Magento 2.x is better secured
(b)-Magento 2.x has a rich snippet for catalogue pages that feds search in search engines

iv. Improved front performance

Magento 2.x has a number of features that improve its performance

(a)-Magento 2.x has a new Luma Theme which makes it far much better as compared to Magento 1.x
(b)-Magento 2.x allows users to access the e-shop through any device
(c)-Users can easily navigate with the guest checkout features checked on the Admin panel. In addition, by scrutinizing customers email addresses, Magento 2.x can automatically search those who are registered
(d)-A visitor can view the primary content without having to wait for the entire page to load
(e)-Through the checkout process in Magento 2.x, customers are able to create an account on the checkout success page which simplifies the registration process.

v. The enterprise edition has a split database performance feature

For those using the Magento Enterprise Edition, they have access to three different areas of function that are separate master databases. These include checkout, product data, and orders. These features help to enhance the website’s performance and scalability.

How is Magento 2.x beneficial to my business?

Magento 2.x has a number of benefits that will improve the performance of your business. Below are the specific benefits that your e-store will benefit from by upgrading to Magento 2.x.

i. Productivity improvement

Magento 2.x will allow for efficient management of your e-store through the improved Admin Panel which improves the site’s interface. The introduction of Visual Design Editor means you can create containers and blocks even if you don’t have specialized designer skills.

ii. Improved site scalability

With improved indexes and more efficient updates, Magento 2.x accelerates processing speed on the site. In addition, Varnish Cache feature helps to speed up page load time. Furthermore, it’s possible for Admin personnel to create or edit products at the same time without risking data conflict.

iii. Enhances conversion rate

Through Magento 2.x, users have an amazing experience as products are displayed along with the description, images, and videos. Users can interact with the site through all devices and the checkout process is easy and straightforward, which improves the conversion rate.

iv. Upgrading is effortless and cost-effective

Magento 2.x has updated information on upgrade compatibility and version policies. As a result, Magento 2.x offer ameliorated core Magento software and upgrading and installing extensions is easier and simple. Through the import/export feature, transferring data, product catalogue, records, and inventory to Magento 2.x is very easy.

v. Faster and easier theme customization

Magento 2.x theme core uses LESS and CSS and not Bootstrap. It also supports preprocessing with CSS which speed our page load, performance, and enhances the search engine system.

Conclusion recommendation

There is a wide range of reason and benefits that will ultimately require you to migrate from Magento 1.x to Magento 2.x. first, Magento 1.x is being faced out and its last day is expected to be November 2018. Magento 2.x offers great features and functionalities for your business and your customers, which you can’t afford to overlook. To make sure you derive all the benefits available for your business through Magento 2.x, it is vital that you use the services of a professional. Even though you will be able to manage the Admin Panel even with little skills, it’s important that when setting it up you seek the services of a professional Magento developer. One of the industry renowned developers is EitBiz, an American based company that has the resources, the professionals, and the zeal to get a Magento 2.x solution suited for your business.

To win a race, you need to change gears at the right time. If you accelerate at top gear, you risk burning out. This applies in every aspect of life, to win; you need to make the right decision at the right time. This is also applicable to businesses.

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