Why Should You Consider Node.js for Web Development? A Definitive Guide

Why Should You Consider Node.js for Web Development? A Definitive Guide

Let’s start with some jaw-dropping truth bombs!

  • More than 30 million web development projects are created using Node.js code
  • Companies that use Node JS have reduced their development costs by 58%.
  • Implementing Node.js can reduce page load time by up to 60%.

Well, that’s the popularity of Node.js for web development! 

Speaking of its definition, Node.js is a popular technology framework that enables developers to build custom web products. From cost-effectiveness to seamless deployment, the framework comes with a multitude of advantages to make the web development task easier.

No matter whether you are a startup or an established business, Node.js could be an ideal solution for all your web development needs. 

Now you might be wondering- Is it worth in 2024? Why should I choose Node.js for web development?

Let’s dive into the world of Node.js development.

Understanding Node.js: What is it?

To put it simply, Node.js is a popular cross-platform and open-source framework that enables developers to run JavaScript code on a multitude of devices. Due to its free and open-source nature, the framework doesn’t have any specific requirements to work on. The best part is that some of the major brands like Netflix and Uber are also making the best use of Node.js for their web development projects.

One of the major highlights of this framework is that it efficiently leverages Chrome’s V8 engine to easily execute JavaScript code. Furthermore, irrespective of the kind of device or OS you have, Node.js can run on it without requiring the assistance of any specific library or tool. 

Top Reasons to Consider Node.js for Your Next Project

Top reasons to consider Node.js

Here is a list of the top benefits of choosing Node.js for your upcoming web development project. 

  • High Performance

One of the biggest benefits of considering Node.js is that it uses a special engine called Google V8, which is the same engine used in the Chrome browser to run JavaScript. One of the major highlights of the framework is that its engine is really smart because it takes your JavaScript code and turns it into machine code, which makes it run super-fast.

When you hire the best Node.js development company for your web project, developers can build and launch the website incredibly fast. No matter how complex or data-driven your web project is, the framework may help you out! Remember that when your web project is developed at the hands of professional experts, your users will have a better and seamless experience. 

  • Full Stack JavaScript

Unlike other frameworks, Node.js efficiently harnesses JavaScript for both the front-end and back-end parts of your web development project. Both these parts are known as “Full-Stack Development”. It simply means that your team of developers doesn’t have to undergo rigorous training in coding. Instead, they can easily switch between different languages for multiple elements included in the web development project. 

Not only does it reduce the number of errors that may arise during the project development, but it also ensures it’s seamless to work on the code. The major highlight is that your team of developers can easily deal with the complexities involved in the multiple languages. 

Always keep in mind developers can easily reuse and share code between front-end and back-end. It simply means that any kind of function you create can easily be used on the other side, too. It will ultimately save a lot of development time and upfront expenses. 

  • A large number of modules and libraries. 

The popularity of Node.js is so huge that more and more developers are joining the community and it will likely be an enormous ecosystem in the long run. Since it is powered by NPM (Node Package Manager), it enables developers to access a wide range of libraries and open-source modules. 

Furthermore, it is surprising to know that there is a huge collection of more than 500,000 free available packages. The best part is that these packages are maintained by the Node.js community which means that developers can easily integrate these packages into their web development process. Whether you need libraries for authentication, database connections, image processing, or whatever, you can easily find them on NPM. 

  • Active and Vibrant Community

It is often observed that during the web development process, many developers generally run into challenges with Node.js. They are always looking for support. Thanks to the active and vibrant community of Node.js, developers can explore discussion boards, social media groups, online forums, and more. On the platform, you will see a range of professionals sharing their knowledge, expertise, and innovative ideas to eliminate problems and make the development process seamless. Furthermore, this collaborative environment enables developers to get rid of the issues that arise during the development process. 

On top of that, the active community ensures that Node.js remains dynamic and progressive. With countless contributors constantly working on its development, Node.js constantly receive updates, improvements, and lucrative features. Thus, professional web developers can leverage the latest technologies and modern capabilities to make their web projects stand out. 

  • Corporate Support

Since Node.js is adopted by many giant corporations, it fosters a multitude of advantages to its ecosystem. With unmatched and regular support from MNCs, Node.js receives constant updates and improvements from time to time. Since companies are already using it, they foster expertise and resources to optimize speed, introduce new features, update performance, and identify issues before they hamper the development process.  With such robust support, Node.js will likely stand tall as a robust and cutting-edge platform for building web products. 

It is quite obvious that when such big corporates invest millions and billions of dollars, they want Node.js to remain supported in the long run. 

When Should You Not Use Node.js for Web Development?

Here is a list of the aspects where you should avoid using Node.js for web development. 

  • Heavy & Complex Projects 

If you are building a complex web development project then you should think twice before using Node.js. Remember that the framework uses non-blocking I/O architecture and has one single CPU which would block incoming requests. Due to the higher number of requests, the thread might get stuck. 

  • Building a CRUD Web Development Project 

Remember that Node.js is known for its superior performance and if you try to use it for building CRUD (Create, Read, Update, & Delete), you might be wasting its capabilities. If you are planning to develop single-page web projects then you can opt for other kinds of frameworks that suit the purpose. 

  • Building Web Projects on the Server-Side 

If you try to build complex web projects that consume a lot of CPU power then you might not be able to make the best use of Node.js. Keep in mind that the framework’s database tool is still in the “Beta” stage. Thus, it is wise to use other environments to conduct relational operations. 

Final Thoughts 

So, there you have it! That’s a wrap to the reasons to invest in Node.js for web development! No matter what kind of web development product you want to build, Node.js is an incredible choice to handle your web traffic rather than competing tech stacks.

But leveraging Node.js for web development is not a cakewalk! There is a lot of expertise and technologies involved! This is where the importance of EitBiz comes in! 

We are one of the best Node.js web development company in the USA that enables developers to build high-quality, responsive, feature-rich, and revolutionary web development products. Our experienced developers will gladly help you – just contact us and we’ll help you out in building a solid web development product. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Can Node.js handle heavy computations? 

Node.js is great for handling I/O operations but isn’t the best for heavy computations.

  • How secure is Node.js for web development? 

Node.js can be very secure if you follow good programming practices and keep it updated.

  • What companies use Node.js? 

Big companies like Netflix, LinkedIn, Walmart, and Uber use Node.js because it’s efficient, scalable, and performs well.

  • Is Node.js a good choice for e-commerce web development? 

Yes, Node.js is great for eCommerce web development because it handles high traffic and provides fast, real-time responses.

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