How To Retain and Engage Users in Mobile Apps?

How To Retain and Engage Users in Mobile Apps?

So, you have finally launched your dream app, right?

It sounds more than a dream come true but the story begins here!

No matter what app you built, if it’s not attracting, engaging, and retaining users, it’s of no use. That hits hard but it’s the sad reality of mobile app development. 

Did you know?

Out of every 2 apps, 1 app is uninstalled within 30 days after download. There could be plenty of reasons behind it, ranging from inferior user interface to slow navigation. 

Don’t want to be a part of the list? 

Well, that’s why, this post has come to the rescue! Here, you’ll learn about the top tricks to retain and engage users in mobile apps!

Before diving into the tips, let’s discuss what user retention means and why apps fail! 

Understanding User Retention: What is It?

To put it simply, user retention refers to the business’s ability to keep its customers stuck to its product/service and retain them for a longer time. The term retention simply means that the user will always use your app to buy products and will not go anywhere. When a customer always opens your app and makes a purchase every month, it leads to customer/user retention. 

Let’s take an example to understand!

For example, if multiple users are using your app for grocery shopping but there’s some audience that uses your app every week or month. Those are your loyal customers and will not go anywhere till you’re providing them with high-quality products/services. 

User retention is generally calculated based on the number of users who are using your app for shopping and users who have downloaded your app. 

Retention Rate = (Number of Users at the End of a Period)/Number of Users at the Start of a Period) X 100. 

Remember that higher retention rates mean more and more users find something good in your app and will continue to use it. 

But now the question arises- What is a good retention rate?

Let’s take a look at the breakdown of several retention rates. 

  • Poor Retention Rates (>20%)

Under this category, businesses must identify and address these issues at the earliest. It could be scary for any business if not fixed promptly.

  • Average Retention Rate (20%-40%)

It is a standard or medium retention rate. It means that your business is performing average and your app is delivering some value to its customers. You can try some techniques listed below to retain and engage users in mobile apps. 

  • Good Retention Rate (40%-60%)

This score indicates good user retention. But there’s always room for improvement. Thus, ensure you incorporate experts’ tips and techniques to boost your app retention rate. 

  • Excellent Retention Rate (<60%)

It means that a business is doing excellent at offering value to its customers. Though it’s an excellent retention rate for now, there’s no guarantee that it will continue to last. Even if your business has an excellent rate, it’s still important to adhere to the latest trends. 

Now that you have understood about the user retention rate and associated scores! But have you ever wondered why apps fail? There are things you should know before building an app. Are you making the same mistake?

Well, it’s better to rectify than to regret it! 

Let’s set our sights on the reasons behind the failure of an app. 

Why Apps Fail? Learn & Avoid These Mistakes in Your Mobile App

Avoid These Mistakes in Your Mobile App

Here are some top reasons why apps fail.

1. Slow performance

Slow mobile apps could hugely affect user satisfaction. The possible reasons could be excessive data, overloaded servers, and unoptimized SSL & TLS. 

2. App crashes

Either the app has multiple bugs or users still use an outdated version. Always adhere to providing the latest software updates to your customers. 

3. Too many ads

Don’t throw too many ads just to make some profit. Remember that too many ads may create frustration which leads users to uninstall your app to get rid of unwanted advertisements. 

4. Complex sign-up process

Don’t bombard users with multiple sign-up requirements. If the process is too complex or lengthy, users will automatically get confused and ultimately, uninstall the app. 

5. Excessive notifications

Though notifications are a great way to connect, don’t send multiple or useless notifications at once. It will irritate your users and they will install the app at the end. 

Techniques to Retain & Engage Your Users in Your Mobile Apps

Let’s discuss the proven techniques and strategies to engage and retain users in your mobile app. 

Tip #1: Deliver a personalised user experience

Ask yourself. Would you open an app with a slow and cluttered UI? Well, you have got the answer in your mind! Once you are done building a mobile app, you can personalize your content and get much more loyal users. When it comes to offering personalized user experience, ensure you collect users’ location, history, age, gender, interest, and more. Ensure you collect the information and use it to deliver a tailor-made experience. For example, if you have a music app and some of your users love hip-hop then always recommend such kinds of songs to boost your app engagement and ultimately customer retention. 

Tip #2: In-App Messaging 

One of the user engagement techniques to incorporate in your mobile app is “in-app messages”. Using such a strategy may help you communicate with users in real time. When a user uses your app, you can send personalized messages related to assistance or welcoming new visitors. Furthermore, you can even send them full-screen notifications that inform users about the app’s features in detail. The major highlight of in-app messaging is that it doesn’t interrupt the user’s work on the phone. Remember that in-app message only works when a user is on the mobile app. 

Tip #3: Use Push Notifications

When it comes to boosting user retention and engagement, push notifications are an ideal way to fetch tangible business results. Remember that sending push notifications will act as a reminder to your customers that you’re offering some special discounts on products. When you send an engaging push notification, users will log back into your app and are likely to explore products on discounts. Furthermore, during their search, they will likely spend more time on your app, which ultimately leads to a reduced bounce rate. 

Tip #4: Improve Onboarding

It is no secret that the first impression is the last! If you want to make an incredible impression on your existing customer base then ensure you provide them an improved onboarding experience. Remember that a good onboarding experience will always keep your customers intact till you’re offering stellar products/services. Ensure you collect knowledge about what your user wants and what kind of value you can provide to your audience. If a user wants to listen to their favorite song then your app must suggest them at the earliest. 

Note: The longer the time it takes to provide them with “desired” results, the more likely they will switch to a different app. 

Tip #5: Make the Sign-up Simple

Let’s put yourself in the customer’s shoes for a while!

Would you download an app that asks for a lot of information during the sign-up? Do you have such free time to invest in a simple signup?

Well, not only will it be a frustration for users but they will eventually switch to a different app! Ensure you introduce the “sign-up” via mail and social media login to facilitate a faster sign-up process. Furthermore, it will create an interest in users to use your app and explore your products and services. 

Final Thoughts 

So, there you have it! The post concludes with tips to retain and engage users in mobile apps! Implementing these aforementioned user retention strategies will improve user engagement and let your brand establish a robust market foothold. 

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