Why Use Laravel Framework for Web Development?

Why Use Laravel Framework for Web Development?

Building high-performance business apps isn’t a cakewalk!

If you don’t believe it, then ask businesses that run into failures and end up shutting down their operations. 

What could be the reason behind it? Haven’t they had financial support?

Well, that’s not the case! Instead, the main problem lies in choosing the incorrect web development platform!

This is where the importance of Laravel comes in!

Whether you’re planning to revamp your site or build one from scratch, Laravel is an ideal framework to consider. 

Did you know?

More than 1 million websites are built using Laravel and this number is continuously growing every day.

Sounds interesting, doesn’t it?

Without further ado, let’s dive into the reasons to choose Laravel for web development! But before that, let’s understand what it exactly means!

Laravel: What is it?

In layman’s language, Laravel is a well-known PHP framework that has garnered significant traction among businesses of all kinds. Backed by robust security features and elegant syntax, the framework is now an ideal choice for building web apps. Speaking of its popularity, Laravel has been growing and is now considered the “Best” PHP framework in the realm of web development. 

Let’s set our sights on the key facts and statistics related to Laravel.

Key Facts & Statistics Related to Laravel Framework 

Laravel Popularity

Here are the important statistics related to the Laravel framework.

  • As one of the world’s best MVC-based PHP frameworks, Laravel powers 743,470 live websites.
  • Laravel is utilized by 1,723,068 live and historical websites, according to BuiltWith.
  • Nearly 45,000 companies started using Laravel in 2023. Some of the popular names may include TourRadar, Invoice Ninja, Alison, Barchart, and MyRank. 

Well, that’s the popularity of Laravel in today’s tech-driven landscape! 

Now, you might be wondering- Why is it so popular? 

Built on Symfony components, the framework simplifies a wide range of activities, including navigation, authorization, cookies, caching, and others.

If you are still not convinced whether to choose Laravel, these benefits will make you think twice!

Let’s dive in!

Benefits of Laravel for Web Development 

Let’s take a look at the salient benefits of Laravel for your next web development project. 

Benefit #1: It’s Quick and Simple

Being a product of PHP, Laravel has already gained an enormous reputation in the web development industry. Thus, it is hard to argue with the fact that it’s now developers’ favorite. Equipped with built-in templates, Laravel enables developers to enjoy quick and hassle-free web development. With such interesting and beautiful templates, professionals can easily build a website in just 24-48 hours. Remember that quick development always leads to lower costs and better business results. 

Benefit #2: Secure Authentication

When it comes to incorporating a complete authentication system, the Laravel framework serves the purpose very well. Whether you want to reset passwords or quickly sign up, simply enter a command and see how the magic happens. Unlike other PHP frameworks, Laravel is popular for unmatched user authentication. Furthermore, it enables developers to create restricted features that can help keep your customers’ data protected. 

Benefit #3: Robust Community

Another major reason that makes Laravel widely popular is that it has a large and active community of developers. It is no secret that when it comes to building performance-centric apps, Laravel is an ideal choice among developers. Moreover, the entire community helps experts to identify and resolve their queries via plugins, documentation, and tutorials. Additionally, there’s a dedicated forum for developers wherein they can ask questions and get their questions resolved instantly. 

Benefit #4: Integration of Third Parties

There is no denying that every website demands integration with a third-party application. The integration could be related to anything like a payment mechanism, for example, Paytm or Google Pay, or a potential marketing tool. The best part is that the framework facilitates quick and hassle-free integration of third-party tools, thanks to built-in APIs. 

If you’re planning to build an integrated advertising solution, Laravel is an ideal choice to embark on. 

Benefit #5: Object-Oriented Libraries

Lastly, one of the biggest features of Laravel is that it includes abundant libraries that enable developers to create high-performing web apps. Irrespective of your target audience, developers can leverage libraries for every industry vertical, leaving no stone unturned. Furthermore, using class libraries and code may facilitate a quick web development process. 

Benefit #6: Better Website Performance

No matter what kind of website you’re building, having a great performance is inevitable! Unlike other PHP frameworks, Laravel supports caching that helps boost your site’s performance. Backed by robust optimization techniques, Laravel makes the best use of memory use reduction and database indexing. Doing so will further enhance your website’s performance to an unprecedented scale. If your site’s speed is your priority, then Laravel will serve the purpose. 

Benefit #7: Automation

Though web development is now easy with Laravel, it’s not good to consider a task-scheduling approach. Thanks to Laravel, developers can now perform a multitude of tasks. These include sending emails and push notifications, to subscribers. Furthermore, it helps clean the database to facilitate seamless navigation within the web app. 

Laravel is equipped with an automatic command scheduler that enables you to set up tasks in advance. Thus, all you need to do is simply command a single entry on your server to proceed with the task you want to accomplish. It will help streamline tasks, thereby saving you both time and effort. 

List of Top Combinations Used in Laravel 

When it comes to creating solid, sustainable, and scalable web apps, developers often use Laravel in conjunction with other programming languages. If you want to yield, try to use the following combinations: 

Laravel and VueJS

Laravel and VueJS

If you want to create secured and intuitive web apps, then Laravel and VueJS are an ideal combination. The latter helps in building a front-end interface without the need to manage the backend of the Laravel app. The virtual DOM in Vuejs helps in quick response to pages without hampering the web performance. Furthermore, leveraging both the tech may help you build apps that are easy to authenticate. 

Laravel and Angular

Laravel and Angular

Incorporating the potential of Laravel and Angular helps facilitate robust performance because there’s no need to reload the entire page. In addition, the restful nature of Laravel for the backend and Angular for the front end makes the development task easier and error-free.  

List of Popular Websites built with Laravel

Popular Websites built with Laravel
  • Disney

Disney is a popular international entertainment and media company that deals in producing and delivering content for TV and video streaming platforms. Furthermore, the company hosts plays and dramas in entertainment venues. 

  • The New York Times

It is one of the world’s leading newspapers in the world that delivers worldwide news from every genre via digital and print media. 

  • Warner Bros

It is a worldwide entertainment and media company that is popular for producing films and television shows for global audiences. 

Final Thoughts 

So, that’s all for Laravel! In a nutshell, no matter what kind of web development project it is, Laravel is an excellent choice. Furthermore, the framework offers a wide range of features that can be beneficial for businesses. Due to its robust community support and extensive libraries, Laravel is incredibly popular among developers of all kinds. 

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